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We wish to thank the people of Pasco County who voted for us and the Pasco Tribune for this honor.

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"What a delightful experience dealing with Don & Marsha.Just a little background about myself. I have a 12 string guitar which I have not played in ages and thought I would start again. I came into the store and bought new strings for it. (Very Reasonable - About $16) I went home installed them and tried to tune it with my tuner with no success. I spoke with Martha on the phone and she said just bring it in. To make a long story short: I tuned it a whole octave out, she tuned it correctly ( about an hours worth of time),Don & Marsha shared with me all their restaurant experiences, and gave me an education on organic seeds. When I asked about the cage: Don't worry about it was the response. I highly recommend them for all your music needs. My summation would be integrity,fair, and hospitable"   
                                                                Mark Cunningham - 2014 from Google Review

"I knew I was going to be traveling to Tampa last week so I packed my grandmother's old accordion. I had already taken it to several music shops here in Kansas City. Everyone said it was beyond repair. I stopped in at Happy Tunes as a last resort ...More

​                                                              Ellen Hamilton 2012 - Google Review 

"I was checking out the reviews and was shocked at what I saw. Its a shame that people will always go the extra mile to complain, but seem to fall short on the well needed pat on the back.More

They have good instrument rentals there. Specifically, I've rented a violin from them. The price is good and the insurance/repair costs are built in. So, you don't have to spend extra money to get a violin fixed when your kid drops it!